Postcards from New Caledonia & Vanuatu

This week’s show’n tell is about my latest vacation; cruising New Caledonia and Vanuatu with my husband + kids; a well-deserved rest away from all technology.

Amazingly we  didn’t get seasick and we had a blast (we even enjoyed bingo).

Here are a few pluses if you are thinking of cruising with kids.

  • No cooking (we ate like pigs)
  • Your own butler (love you Martin!)
  • Kids club (we hardly saw them)
  • Surprisingly excellent quality entertainment.
  • Made new friends which we now often see
  • No internet
  • Saw a few whales
  • Snorkeled for the first time without swallowing half the pacific.
  • My dream of working for NatGeo came true when I joined a tribal dance (had to – they made me do it)

…already planning our next cruise J


cruising_Vanuatu  Port-of-Noumea Snorkeling-New-Caledonia Tribe_Vanuatu

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