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Super efficient and great quality work! Loved working with you 🙂 I hadn’t worked with you before, so I couldn’t be sure that we would connect. That said, your messages made me feel confident that our visions would align! You created a template for me that will be useful for many projects to come! My workbooks now look professional and attractive! The end product was great and you were able to work with a tight deadline. I loved the personalized video that walked me through how to edit the template. Very helpful!”
Michelle Marsh

“ARGHHHH!!!! I love it. Looks great!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!… I love it all and so happy with everything you have done for me. It’s everything I want and much more. You asked me through the whole process email me the different stages what I thought. It was great as I could say at any point if need be (which I didn’t need to do) but I was aware of what was happening and I was part of the final decisions. You are loyal, honest, trusting and very passionate about what you do and that comes across with your emails, in your call and your approach. Keep up what you do. You do it very well.”
Alix Greer

“The brand you created for me was exactly what I wanted. I most liked how creative you were when creating my brand and how accurate you were based on the information I gave you. It was exactly what I wanted. When I thought about you creating my brand, I expected you to only create a couple of logo ideas but you’ve gone so much further than that. With creating my font and social media icons to creating a whole blueprint, you’ve created my vision of what I want my business to look like. You are very professional, creative and I’m amazed with your work.”
Ryan Jones

It was very easy to understand the process. The questionnaire was very comprehensive and makes you really think about what you want and why you want it. How else have I benefited from our work together? Building a level of trust, ease of communication, more of an understanding how the branding process works and how important it is to have consistency. Your work is very creative and artistic. You are passionate about what you do and you value your client’s input. The work was done quickly. You were responsive to my changes and I had no hesitation in speaking up and saying when I didn’t like something or wanted to make suggestions. There was also the option to discuss anything not understood on the questionnaire.”
Deborah King

” …she helped tie all my elements together which has given me the confidence I need to move forward.
I chose her over other designers because I knew her expertise was in branding and not just graphic design. Although, at first, I didn’t really think I needed help with branding, I soon realized that it was exactly what I needed. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of hours I’ve spent playing around with graphics, trying to decide on colours and fonts to use. As a result, I didn’t have much consistency across my websites and social media pages. Veronica helped give me the clarity I needed. She understood my vision and was very quick to complete my project. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing help with branding and just wanting more clarity for their business.”
Mindah Lee Kumar

It took the guess work out and saved me time, headaches and frustration. I think these small but important packages ‘already done’ are fabulous because you get the high quality without the second guessing and piecing things like fonts and logos separately and then they look horrible. I loved that the vibe and style were already done and they spoke to me straight away. Then I knew it was just a matter of a little tweaking and personalising….I am a big fan of efficiency as well as beauty. It took a load off as to what colours would go with these fonts, logos etc. The whole package was beautiful and I knew it would suit me straight away. It was a simple, seamless and enjoyable process which is getting more rare every year to find. You were accommodating and very professional – sooo great to work with.”
Tina Bindon

Thank you for my beautiful brand! …as soon as I saw your website, your projects and spoke to you on the call I made my decision quickly. I liked you warm yet professional approach. I liked that you emailed the options immediately after the call with the payment links. This was helpful and made it very clear how you worked and what my options were. …Vero is a patient and talented graphics designer who takes care with her designs. I like how you explained that my brand was not just for my taste but it had to appeal to my audience too. I love the brand we finally came up with 🙂 Look forward to starting my new website to incorporate the new brand.”
Shivani Bhagi

“…easy to talk to and discuss ideas”
“I most liked your approachability and friendly manner, easy to talk to and discuss ideas. I love your website, which is so pretty and pleasing to the eye. I found you to be easy to chat to, and your work professional and creative”
Lynn Cradon

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE WONDERFUL TRANSFORMATION! “I love it and it has already proven to be a success in increased visitors and interaction…. It has inspired me to further develop and update/transform my website and I will be looking to you for help with that. I am looking forward to working with you in the future and for the wonderful new and creative ideas that you have… Cheers!”
Donna Marie

A HUGE THANK YOU!“It looks professional, easy to identify the products I sell and best of all we now have a shopping cart integrated. I will definitely be in touch again. Thank you again for your time, it has been great working with you and I look forward to working with you again soon. Until next time!”

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!“You are amazing and so fast (I could take a leaf out of your book!).
I would be thrilled to recommend you to anybody and will be keeping an eye on you for the workshop.
Thank you so much!!! Advertising starts next week!” Colleen

“You were very far away in Australia but it worked out great. You were very flexible and were quick to respond. I would recommend you and your services; your work was well done and in a reasonable time frame. I am enjoying my site!”
Doris Smith

“I really liked the Mood Board. I loved that you got the exact colours that were in my head – still not sure how you were able to sneak inside there without me knowing 🙂
I liked how you “layered” the parts of the brand. Each building on the previous.
It was great to have someone to bounce ideas off. I also really enjoyed the fact that you were living and breathing my brand. I really got the feeling that you wanted to create the brand that was perfect for me.
I would definitely recommend Veronica. She is creative, receives feedback well, is determined, works hard and shares her opinions without worrying about “saying the right thing”. She was determined to deliver the best work possible and if that meant pushing back on me – she did!
Thanks again for all of your help and creativity.”
Cindy Ball

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“You helped me bring what was
in my head to life!I loved that you
got the exact colours that were in
my head – still not sure how you
were able to sneak inside there
without me knowing!
Thanks again for all of your
help and creativity”


♥ Cindy Ball

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