What Roast Chicken Has To Do With Your Competition

Are you worried that your products, services or programs look exactly like everyone elses? Is this making you re-evaluate the whole direction and even purpose of your business?

Good news is you aren’t alone.

Many creative entrepreneurs like you are pondering over the same issue right at this moment.

For the last year I’ve seen tons of websites and offerings that all look the same. It seems that many even used the same photographer!!!

And I often wondered how the heck someone is supposed to choose one coaching or service over the other, because there seems to be a serious lack of originality, personality, and wow factor.

One thing I realized straight away, is that what all these look-a-like businesses had in common was that they all did the same online courses. They were all cut by the same scissors, even the copy, about pages, opt-ins, graphics, free downloads, and offerings were very similar to one another.

So my question was… were they successful? Were they actually selling?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pro learning. I’ve bought many programs already; some of them ok, and some of them brilliant. However, I choose to take the best advice out of them and adapt this to my own ideas.

I don’t want to sound or look exactly like everyone else that have also completed these courses. Not so much because I like novelty and originality, but because I think to stand out from the crowd is critical for the survival of my business.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel

Let me tell you a little story about Roast Chicken…

It all started at University while doing a marketing paper and reading about the importance of innovation.  The concept is that in order to bring innovation to your business you don’t necessarily have to invent a totally new product or service. You can innovate be creating new uses, or new ways you deliver your offerings.

Think about this for a moment; since Stonehenge, how many times do you think the basic roast chicken recipe has been published? Millions? Why would chefs keep publishing the recipe in new books?!

I must have read this hundreds of times, the same old recipe.

Until one rainy Sunday I watched Jamie Oliver add something different to the formula that caught my attention, he said that… “The secret to a perfect roast chicken was to crank the oven to the max (very caliente) and turn it down to 180 when you put the chicken in the oven”


So there you have it; there’s room for everyone.

Now think how you can add more value, and catch the attention of your audience.

Before I go I’ll leave you with 3 tips you can implement right away.

  • Think of your brand as an extension of yourself (the best part of yourself). You can’t go wrong with this because you are unique, and your brand will reflect originality through every area of your business
  • Stop worrying about what other people are doing. You don’t know their story. They may be out of the picture next week. Focus on improving your own brand. Stop competing and start creating. (Uuh, I like that, could be my new tagline)
  • Step away from what you consider the ‘safe zone’.  Stop with the cookie cutter templates! To look like another hundred brands is not playing safe. If you want your business to grow start thinking of adding some novelty to your roast chicken recipe.

So what do you think? How else could you bring uniqueness to your business? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and please share if you enjoyed this post.

xx Veronica

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  • Oh, yes!
    Bringing subtle innovation is what I do and you are SO right. The smartest, most effective innovation sometimes is just that little tweak.
    Awesome post!

    • Vero

      You’re right Maria! Thanks!

  • Love the roast chicken comparison! Very creative. Your 3 actionable tips are helpful as well, it’s such a challenge putting yourself out there when it comes to branding, but oh so important!

    • Vero

      Thank you Becky!

  • Great post Vero! This is so very true. It is very difficult to step away from thinking like you have to be like everyone else, especially all the people that seem so successful. Of course, there are often reasons that many sites and courses look similar- like strategies that work, are usually used by many. But it’s important to find out why they work, and then do them in your own way. Love how you related it to chicken. Just need to add your secret sauce to what already works.

    Can’t wait to read what you have in store for the blog!

    • Vero

      That’s exactly right Leah; mix & match. Taking strategies that work and mixing them with your own personality and ideas. Thank you so much for your support. … pressure’s on for my next post.. :/

  • Great 3 tips! Just recently read a post that talked about this on Social Suzi’s blog. You attract the clients you want to work with by being yourself. Kudos for referencing Stonehenge lol!

    • Vero

      Thanks Janet! I was tossing between Stonehenge and the Pyramids.

  • So hungry now. Mouth drooling.

    Great points! Plus Julia Child took something common in France (the cooking) and introduced it to new markets – Americans. BAM! Classic.

    (Thank Darwin too. We’d still be eating gross bland food.)

    • Vero

      Haha … thank you Halley, great points!

  • AWESOME comparison! Love it!!

    • Vero

      Thank you Stefani!

  • Vesna

    I love your writing style! your post is so fluent and easy to read, makes me think there’s plenty to learn from you!
    p.s. I love jamie Oliver, too.

    • Vero

      Oh, thank you so much Vesna! Such a nice comment!

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