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I’m so glad you are here, thank you for your interest in my Ready Made Brands! You are now a step away from transforming your business with a brand identity that will finally match and truly reflect the quality of your products and services.

Please complete the form below as accurately as you can. Note that completing this application does not guarantee the purchase of the brand. If your application is accepted you will receive an email with further instructions within 48 hours.

If you have any questions you can write to me at contact[at]yourbrandbyme[dot]com


    Please read these Terms carefully before purchasing any of the “Ready Made Brands” (RMB) listed under The Brand Shop. By applying to buy a brand you agree to all terms, policies and guidelines listed below.

    Submitting this application form does not guarantee the buying of the brand. Each RMB is sold once on first-come/best-match basis. Your Brand by Me reserves the right to consider various applications before making a final decision and displaying that brand as "sold." You will receive an email and invoice for the full listing price of USD 650 within 24 hours if your application to purchase has been accepted. You will then have 48hs to complete the payment (either through PayPal or credit card) after your application has been accepted. This is non-refundable as I will be marking the brand as sold and making it unavailable to future clients.

    Your Business Name and tagline must fit into the chosen brand without requiring major modifications. However, reasonable changes as, for instance, adjustments to the colour palette will be considered.

    You understand that the final Design belongs to me until you have paid in full or per agreement. In the event of termination of this agreement I own the designs and have the right to complete, exhibit, and/or sell the design (but not your business or personal name) if I so choose. I also own all the design concepts created before you choose the final design. It is also up to you to do a Trademark search and any kind of legal registration if you want to register your logo, business, services or products as your company Trademark.

    You will have the right to use your new design in all media useful for your business promotion. I ask that you let me display details of your project for testimonial and promotional purposes on my websites and in other media channels. These details may include a Mood boards, a screenshot of and link to your website, your name, etc. I respect your privacy and will not post anything about your project that you wish not to disclose.

    Only one business or person may use a single RMB for either personal or commercial purposes. You may not sell, resell or share any of the items purchased through Your Brand by Me.

    I affirm that my designs are original and that I own the rights granted under this agreement, and that the rights granted do not conflict any other agreement.

    I will place a link at the bottom all websites I design. You agree not to remove this link at any time while the website is live.

    Every project has different needs, and with the huge array of products out there, I may not be familiar with something you request. I will do everything possible to figure out most challenges, but there may be a time when certain tasks might need to be outsourced. I will always provide a quote prior to outsourcing any work.

    You agree to give me more time if I become ill, injured, or delayed because of events beyond my control or you failure to provide feedback in a timely manner.

    You have the right to terminate this Agreement if, I fail to complete the design within 30 days after of the specified deadline or if, illness or injury, or events beyond my control causes a delay of more than 70 days from the agreed delivery date.

    If terminated, I shall return to you one half the paid fees (the other half helps pay for the many hours I put into researching and designing the concepts). You understand that you cannot claim any additional expenses, damages, or claims based on the failure of me to complete the design.

    By adhering to this agreement you also accept Your Brand by Me Terms and Conditions read here

It took the guess work out and saved me time, headaches and frustration. I think these small but important packages ‘already done’ are fabulous because you get the high quality without the second guessing and piecing things like fonts and logos separately and then they look horrible. I loved that the vibe and style were already done and they spoke to me straight away. Then I knew it was just a matter of a little tweaking and personalising….I am a big fan of efficiency as well as beauty. It took a load off as to what colours would go with these fonts, logos etc. The whole package was beautiful and I knew it would suit me straight away. It was a simple, seamless and enjoyable process which is getting more rare every year to find. You were accommodating and very professional – sooo great to work with.”
Tina Bindon
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Professional Member MAANZ
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Gold Coast, Australia

“You helped me bring what was
in my head to life!I loved that you
got the exact colours that were in
my head – still not sure how you
were able to sneak inside there
without me knowing!
Thanks again for all of your
help and creativity”


♥ Cindy Ball

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